If you’ve been playing an instrument for a while, or only just started, you probably know that theirs only so much sound you can make on your own.  While the joy of playing an instrument can be felt individually, the joy of harmony and melody can’t be matched.  The hardest part of being in a band is finding a band to join, or finding a new member for your band.  It can take time, effort, and a few false starts before you find the group that’s right for you.   Here are a few tips to help you on your way to finding your band.


Local Music Store

Your local music store can be the best place to find a fellow musician.  Whether it’s a national chain like George’s Music, or a local independent location, you’ll always find someone with similar interests at a music store.  Usually you can find a few people jamming, which might be the quickest way to find bandmates.  Most music stores will also let you put up a notice if you want, so making a flashy flyer requesting bandmates with your contact info might be another great way to utilize your local music store to find new bandmate.



Youtube, or social media in general, is a great place to find fellow musicians searching to be part of something bigger than themselves. You can get a good sense of how someone sounds, and even a bit of a sense of their personality as well.  There are countless musicians on social media either trying to promote themselves, or just enjoying having a platform to share their love of music. Reach out through an instant message or a comment on their page, and leave them some contact info with a brief description of what your hoping to accomplish. It’s not the worst idea to share some of what you’ve created as well.


Group Music Lessons

If you’re just starting to play an instrument, it may be daunting to find people who are of a similar talent level to start a band with. This is where group music lessons might be particularly useful. While developing your skills amongst a group, you can also get a sense of people you like (and don’t like as much) and create a rapport that could allow you to develop into a band later down the line. A great way to learn music is to learn it alongside others, and putting in extra time and energy as a band outside your group lessons can jump start your growth with any instrument.

Finding band members requires effort, care, and dedication–much like honing your skills on your instrument. Finding band members who fit your personality can be even more complicated. But with these methods, and especially with group lessons, you can find and develop a band with relative ease and you’ll be jamming out in no time!