“Solar Power” by Lorde

After a four year hiatus, the Lorde is back. In stark contrast to her highly acclaimed sophomore record Melodrama which explored the liquor-drenched escapism of late night house parties in the wake of a messy breakup, “Solar Power” is all about wide open sunshine, sand between toes, and finally breathing that sigh of relief at the realization that you’re actually… content? Blare this one on the way to the beach with a car packed full of your closest pals.

“Deja Vu” by Olivia Rodrigo

There’s no question that Olivia Rodrigo is the breakout star of 2021. Now, let this should-be-on-your-radar teen serenade your window’s down, cruising coast-side while slurping down ice cream musings of calling out your ex.

“Be Sweet” by Japanese Breakfast

In a last chance plea to a lover to be exactly as the song title requests, Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast employs infectious 1980s-style synths and groovy basslines for a somewhere-between-joyous-and-melancholy ballad you can’t help but bop to. Got a summer fling that won’t define things with you? Enter “Be Sweet” to save your sanity.

“Colorado” by Milky Chanc

In a stoner-friendly ode to forgetting a relationship’s end, Milky Chance grooves over reggae inflected indie rock about his carefree manner of coping singing, I get high like Colorado.

“Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat feat. SZA

Doja Cat has been soundtracking nearly every season with a viral hit since the meteoric success of her disco-tinged banger “Say So”. Now, the undoubtedly talented songstress joins forces with fellow powerhouse SZA to present the song you’ll have stuck in your head whenever you think of your latest crush.

“Sugarcane” by Twin Shadow

Dynamic and summery with an almost DIY-inspired sound, Twin Shadow’s “Sugarcane” will have you swinging your hips to a beat as sweet as the name of the song itself.

“Save Your Tears (Remix),” The Weeknd feat. Ariana Grande

This dark yet soothing (signature The Weeknd move) synthpop tune was already a banger all on its own, but add in Ariana Grande? Double the hit! This is the song to coax you out of your bed and onto your feet when you’re determined to have a good day despite whatever anxieties may be present in your daily life.