No matter how self-motivated you are, there are times when it’s just plain hard to find the drive to push through your workout. Maybe you’ve had a long day at work and just want to zone out while bingeing your favorite show on Netflix. Other times, it’s because you’ve hit a plateau in your exercise regimen, and the idea of hitting the gym sounds monotonous and

Even if you do stick to your workout schedule, sleepwalking your way through it will only lead to less than optimal results. The lack of significant progress in your fitness can easily lead to a falling off of your athletic resolutions, especially when faced with the discouraging reality that you haven’t hit your goals.

What’s the answer? For many people, using a power playlist is their secret weapon: songs that they know will pump them up and keep them going when it seems like the hardest thing in the world to do so. With the help of the right music, athletes and fitness enthusiasts – along with people who simply want to get into good shape and stay that way. It’s a way to not only make your workouts more fun but also get yourself to the healthier, fitter state that you want.

Figure Out What Motivates You

Whether it’s inspiring lyrics, an irresistible catchy melody, or a driving bassline that never quits, music contains countless elements and any one of them might serve as your own personal source of workout fuel. Some people find that the message behind the song is what they focus on the most, and that’s what keeps them pushing through. Others are more focused on the instrumentation and the overall feel of the song.

The important thing is that you discover what works for you, and you stick with it. Having a playlist of these powerful songs on deck at all times will give you something to lean on when you’re feeling like slacking off when it comes time to get the blood pumping.

Tempo is Key

For every different physical activity that you’re engaging in, there’s a tempo to complement it perfectly. Tempo is simply the speed of the song, which you can determine simply by listening to a song and tapping your foot along to it. If you’re running or going for a cardiovascular workout, faster-paced songs are ideal. More serene workouts like yoga might call for a slower jam.

No matter what type of workout you’re doing, the right music will help you exercise for longer, and you’ll be more engaged while you’re doing it.