In 2021, it seems like the options for finding new music are endless. But that unlimited supply of music also makes it difficult to find new artists. After all, who wants to wade through thousands of songs just to find a few new works of music that you might enjoy?


Striking a Balance

Like many things in life, finding new music often comes down to relying on the experience and expertise of others. If you’re new to a city and are looking for a great restaurant, for example, you’ll probably ask someone who is passionate about food for their advice. You probably won’t ask someone who doesn’t care about what food they eat.

The same principle applies to music: If you’re a fan of classical music, you probably shouldn’t be reading blogs reviewing heavy metal albums. By first understanding what kind of music you’re looking for, in other words, you’ll be well on your way to finding something new that you like. Here are just a few options for fans of different genres.


Indie Music:

The writers of Pitchfork are more or less the gatekeepers for what is fashionable in indie music at the moment. If indie music is your favorite genre, you won’t want to do without this website. You’ll find reviews of new albums and a host of interviews with important artists. If you’re looking for indie music recommendations, Pitchfork is a great resource.


Classical Music: BBC Music Magazine

As the official internet wing of the BBC’s classical music magazine, is a great resource to get your classical music fix. You’ll learn a lot about new artists on the scene and about new recordings of works by your favorite composers. It’s really hard to beat this wonderful resource.


Hip Hop: The Hip Hop Heads Subreddit

Reddit is known for its diversity of tastes, but the posters of the /r/hiphopheads subreddit are particularly passionate about their favorite genre. If you want to hear new hip hop music, a visit to this forum is a great option. Music industry news here is almost always ahead of the mainstream media.

If you’re passionate about other forms of music, moreover, here are a few other great options for discovering new music:

Above all else, have fun with your search! After all, being a music fan is about having fun. Hopefully you’ll find a few new favorite artists in the near future!