We have all heard the saying, “Music is what you can’t get out of your head,” which is why people tend to gravitate towards musicians. Musicians often seek other musicians, and musicians sometimes find themselves in between the industry and seeking more musically-minded people. It’s a unique but mighty community.

Finding an Artist Job

What do you do when God opens up one door and closes another? How do you create that one-on-one personal connection? When you’re a musician looking for opportunities, the first thing to remember is that some people may open doors but not necessarily help you find paid work through those opportunities. If you have an album out or your social media following can get you to a showcase gig, this may still be your best bet for finding legitimate work. Try showing up early, and note who is running the show and how their following feels about them. If they seem like an adequate resource, test them out. Show up early again, talk to them, see what they’re looking for — you never know. You might get an in where others can’t help you.

Look into networking opportunities! Pick local shows to go to and see who’s running the show or promoting it (or both). You could meet some friends or connect with possible future employers. Network with people who share similar interests.

If you don’t come home with work in the first place, don’t be discouraged. Keep networking — it’s a dynamic business area, and you never know who will be right for you when the time is right.

Finding Musicians to Collaborate With

The easiest way to find musicians to collaborate with is to talk to guitar teachers, performers, and other musicians in your area. There are enough of them to get you started, especially if you’re looking for classical players or looking to do jazz or folk. Generally, any style that doesn’t focus on electronic performances can be found locally.

The Internet can also help — look up and join local music-related groups online: If you’re a rapper looking to find some background drummers, look into hip hop groups and see who’s into the same music you are.

There are plenty of music groups on Facebook and Instagram and artist communities that can be helpful — look into them. Just make sure you’re looking at the right ones. Many are spammy or disorganized, so you may want to stay away from those.