Music can profoundly impact people’s moods and emotions, from feelings of rage to feelings of joy. It might seem like animals would be exempt from this effect, but the reality is far more complex. Indeed, how music affects our pets’ behavior often depends on several factors, including their breed and individual personality traits. Here are five ways in which Music Can Affect Our Pets:

Music is a Great Way to Calm a Pet Down

Everyone knows that the music from Hair can put you in a great mood, but it’s also true that some types of music are great for calming down frisky pets. Some classical music and even soft rock are preferable to heavy metal when you need your pet to relax or go to sleep.

Specific Songs Can Make Dogs Wonderful or Aggressive

According to researchers at the University of London, certain songs will cause certain kinds of behavior in dogs. Dogs trained to hunt are more likely to be attracted to music with a steady beat and high pitches, while dogs trained as guide dogs have been known to have a greater affinity for certain kinds of music.

Music Can Distract an Anxious or Sad Pet

You can also use music to distract your pet from stressful situations. If you play calming music while bathing your dog, it will be less likely to notice what’s happening around it. It can also distract a dog that is neurotic or overly sensitive.

Music Can Play a Role in Behavior Modification

Your dog knows when you’re upset, and music can be a great way to distract him. For example, music can change an aggressive dog’s behavior. If you play Led Zeppelin while transferring your pet from one cage to another, your pet will be less likely to act out during the stressful process.

Music Can Affect a Dog’s Health

Certain types of music can affect the health of both humans and animals. The types of music you play can either improve your pet’s health, make him more robust and energetic, or make him weaker. If you want your dog to be healthy and strong, play his music without a steady beat.


So if your dog is feeling a bit down or aggressive, try using music to alter his behavior for the better. Even if it doesn’t seem to affect your pet right away, keep at it over time, and you might be surprised by the results.