Heading out of summer and into fall months, one thing is certain and that is school is no longer out for summer or at least not for long. Soon students will return to the classroom and some will be happy to arrive at school, while others really are not looking forward to it. Love or hate the idea of going back to school, there is certainly a song that will match the mood. In this article, we will attempt to bring forth some of the best songs for going back to school.

For some returning students, school is a drag and a place they don’t want to be. For other students, school is an opportunity to get the party going and get back together with friends missed over the summer months. One of the hardest rocking songs to party to is by The Beastie Boys song, Fight for Your Right. This heart-pumping track gets the entire party jumping and screaming the lyrics along with the band. The first line sums it up, “You wake up late for school, man, you don’t wanna go.”

For some, the Beastie Boys are a bit too much about the party. Some students want to get back to school and have the time of their life. The Ramones capture this feeling in their song Rock ‘n’ Roll High School. A fun song that gives off the feeling school isn’t all that bad after all.

Heading back to school for students may have many emotions attached. Students entering school may feel a rush of nostalgia coming over them. Old friends sharing so many good times that high school has to be the time of your life, as Green Day puts it in their song, Time of Your Life. The song takes the listener down memory lane, bringing up all the important memories that had been created along the way. This is a powerful ballad.

The band Fun wrote a song called We Are Young. This song is about all the friends made in school and how they are young and relentless. Love lost or love got it doesn’t matter because this song is about the young and how they will grow bigger and better with each passing moment. The song overall is about friends being young and together.

There are a great many songs that are about gathering with others and about returning to school. Going back to school comes with a great many feelings for students. We tried to cover some of the top songs from years past that allow these feelings to flourish.