For hundreds of years, humans have enjoyed the benefits that different types of music offer. Studies have shown that listening to music has significant impacts on our emotional stability and memory function. It has also been said that music can help people overcome some physical and emotional injuries. The effect of music on people cannot be ignored. Therefore, many have used that knowledge to help benefit their pets as well.


How Music Therapy Works For Pets


Research conducted showed that music was able to shift behavior in some pets and helped to lower their heart rates and anxiety levels. Many pets are triggered by certain sounds and some music can offer great benefits. More than the actual music or lyrics, animals pick up on the sound vibrations. They are picked up by their brains and can trigger a response. In some cases, this can lead to psychological changes.


For example, some loud sounds can make animals have more energy and give them adrenaline boosts. Gentler songs and melodies may have a more calming and relaxing effect on an animal’s nervous system. Therefore, music can potentially be a great way to keep pets calm and stress-free during car rides, vet visits or while in animal shelters waiting to be adopted.


Pets are delicate and can be easily affected by their surrounding environment. Loud noises and other common stressors can lead to negative psychological damages. Some noises can inadvertently send our beloved pets scrambling for cover. Fear, anxiety and destructive behaviors can lead to negative health effects on our beloved animals and can decrease their overall quality of life.


Music therapy is a great way to help alleviate some of the stressors our pets deal with. It is effective and done in a safe and non-invasive way. For some pets, the right music can help them alleviate or heal from chronic pain they may be suffering from. Just as humans like watching movies, listening to music or playing online games, our pets enjoy certain types of audible stimuli as well.


The benefits that music offers pets is not something to dismiss until tried. When a pet is suffering from anxiety or emotional or physical issues, music therapy might just be what helps them relieve stress and feel better.