There is always a certain level of excitement associated with learning how to play a musical instrument. Too often people believe this experience is something too difficult for an adult. There are many common excuses adults have to avoid even trying to learn to play an instrument. Some claim they simply do not have the time in their schedule or the ability to focus on such a task. Others claim that learning a musical instrument is best suited for children. The reality is that many benefits can be experienced by an adult who learns to play a musical instrument such as the violin.


Cognitive Benefits


As a person ages, it is possible for their minds to easily deteriorate if they don’t experience enough mental stimulation. The necessary mental stimulation must be something that challenges them. Learning to play an instrument is an effective solution to this situation. It helps improve hand-eye coordination as well as a person’s mental cognitive functions. This is also a good way for an older person to improve their memory and more.


Physical Benefits


Playing a musical instrument has been shown to significantly decrease a person’s stress levels. Many adults struggle with their posture. Playing a musical instrument can help improve a person’s posture. Having good posture when playing an instrument will lead to having constant good posture.




An advantage adults have when it comes to learning an instrument is their ability to overcome frustration and turn it into motivation. This behavior is designed to work as a reward system in their minds. Learning to play a musical instrument is a way to avoid having a life of complacency. This is the type of activity where there is always something new to discover or achieve.


Quality of Practice


One of the main determining factors for adults being successful when learning to play a musical instrument is the quality of their practice. Most can easily maintain focus for 30 minutes of intentional and effective practice. There have been studies that show how an adult’s brain can retain more information with short bursts of learning. Properly learning to play the violin can be achieved with 30 minutes of daily practice.


One of the fastest and most efficient ways for an adult to begin learning to play the violin is with a private instructor. This type of one-on-one instruction makes it possible to quickly identify and address any learning issues that develop. A personal instructor will know how to keep an adult accountable for their progress as well as practice. Learning to play an instrument can help an adult benefit physically as well as mentally.