Fall is a time of leaves changing colors and falling to the ground, cool breezes washing upon the face, and the smell of smoke beginning to come from chimneys. Fall is also a time for the musician’s soul to dig deep and create wonderful fall music. Many great musical numbers have either come out during the fall months or suit the season particularly well.


#1 Simon & Garfunkel, “Leaves That Are Green”

In 1966, the song by Simon & Garfunkel took center stage. When it comes to the fall season the blend of voices and the chugging on the guitar throughout the song give the feeling of a traveling train on the tracks. This song is literally written about the fall season about how the leaves are changing color and falling to the ground.

#2. The Flaming Lips – My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion

The Flaming Lips put out a song about fall, but it is also about the winter months coming directly after the fall season. The lyrics to this song are particularly depressing, talking of better days when the sun shined and the grass wasn’t dead and the leaves were on the trees. For The Flaming Lips, fall isn’t all that great.

#3. Frank Sinatra – September Song

Sinatra takes the time during this song to speak of times when things were a bit simpler. Romancing ladies and watching time pass by, Sinatra addresses how the days are growing shorter as his time with the mentioned lady in the song is as well. “Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few”, sings Sinatra. Along the way Sinatra names the months of fall by name.

#4. Aerosmith, “Seasons of Wither”

Aerosmith released this song that is perfect for the fall months. This early track from Aerosmith feels and sounds like a cold breeze going across the face and ears. Steven Tyler sings of a woman that can take the wind right out of his sail. Overall, the song just has a cold feel overall, making one wish for a special kind of connection to another human being.


During each season it seems there are songs that attract us all. Fall music seems to bring with it a little regret, some sadness, yet generally lifts the listener to the hope of the future and all good that has been and things to come.