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There’s a lot more behind a simple I IV V progression – ask any musician. Sitting down at a
piano, finding middle C, and playing that ever so familiar C,F,G progression may sometimes be
just that — a combination of notes; of roots, and thirds, fifths. But sometimes the progression
isn’t just a string of notes singing harmonies that are pleasant to the ear, sometimes they tell the
story of that time you went on that first road trip with your family, or your first heartbreak – and at the time – perhaps you thought it would be your last, too. Sometimes, music is a better means of communication than any essay. Sometimes, a 3 minute song says more about a person, a
culture, or the world than any textbook in the most prestigious university in the world could say.


Luke Visser, a native of Westchester, New York knows this quite well, and his love for music is
evident in all he does. After his parents introduced him to the piano at an early age, and
subsequently the violin, Luke has been playing for a number of years with an intense focus on

“It’s been about 14 years of playing piano, and I’ve really enjoyed picking it up again after some
time away from it. I am currently taking piano lessons again as part of my school’s music program, but I also really love just sitting down and playing by myself.” Luke Vissersays with a smile.

Piano, for Luke Visser, is not only a really fun thing to do but it’s also a great way to relieve stress,
reduce anxiety, and spark one’s imagination, inspiring the creation of any number of worlds
through the creative power of music.

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Luke Visser also enjoys getting out of his small town of Chappaqua and exploring some great American
historical sites. With a maternal grandmother from Hong Kong, he has also really enjoyed visiting
that bustling city along with Canada, as well. 

For more on music ranging from classical to classic rock, be sure to check back as Luke Visser
shares some of his favorite things about music!